An Internet Marketing Coach – Do You Really Need One?

By | May 21, 2023

If you are considering starting an Internet business I am sure you are aware that you have two clear choices as to how you acquire the skills required to be a successful online Marketer. You can either ‘go it alone’ or get the help of an Internet Marketing Coach or Mentor.

One thing is certain – to build a successful Internet business you will need to learn the right skills and acquire the right tools in order to earn a legitimate, full time income on the Internet.

Internet Marketing is a profession and, as with any other profession, you will need to invest in the right type of training in order to be successful – it is a little like serving an apprenticeship or qualifying for a particular profession e.g. Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer, Plumber or Electrician.

So, do you need an Internet Marketing Coach?

The answer is no. It is perfectly possible to earn extra money, or even a full time income, working from home on the Internet. There is no shortage of Internet Marketing training courses or tutorials which will show you the basics of how to set up your own Internet business.

It may also be true, however, that one course is not enough in itself as there are so many different disciplines and skills you will need to learn; how to build your first website, how to get visitors to your website, how to create a product, or source one, and so on.

Even then for many people training alone is often not enough. Why is this?

Have you ever studied a training manual or taken a course and still not understood all of the content?

Have you ever got frustrated when you encountered something that you just did not understand?

What did you do in those circumstances? Most people do one of two things – they find someone who knows the answer or they come to a grinding halt, maybe they even convince themselves that they do not have what it takes and give up!

Be aware also that, for many people, starting a small business on your own can be an isolating and even scary experience. It will require spending time away from your family and friends and sometimes this sense of isolation can lead to other difficulties.

How can an Internet Marketing Coach help?

A good Internet Marketing Coach will be able to guide you through the learning curve in the most effective manner, they can help you to avoid making mistakes, (speeding up your progress), teach you the most current and effective Internet marketing strategies, help to keep you motivated when you encounter challenges or things you just do not understand and suggest appropriate resources to help you build a successful Internet business.

But most of all a good Internet Marketing coach can represent someone that you are accountable to. It is proven that anyone is far more likely to succeed when they make themselves accountable to a third party as it is far easier to justify failure to ourselves than to someone else!